Supreme Forklift Services is a company that prides itself on one thing, and that is our ability to provide our customers with effective materials handling solutions.

We have customers ranging from those who require casual hire of quality forklifts, right through to corporations who require 50 machines up and running 24hours a day.

Every staff member at Supreme Forklifts is committed to the customers they look after.

As the industry in our area has grown over recent years so has Supreme Forklifts. This growth has enabled us to form strong bonds with manufacturers leading our industry.

Adding to this we have recently formed a supply deal with BOS Systems, and this enables us to provide effective storage solutions (racking & shelving) along with our forklifts.

Over the years Supreme Forklifts has helped many customers with complex materials handling situations. We have speciality equipment for Australia and abroad, and backed with our expert knowledge we’ve been able to not only supply and demonstrate some complex machines, we’ve been able to keep them up and running for many years with great success to and acknowledgement from our customers.

If you’re looking for honest, reliable service, quality cost effective equipment and the expert advice needed to make materials handling decisions for your business then look no further than Supreme Forklift Services.